To Divide and Conquer

America, Be one, Conquer, Divide, Wolf -

To Divide and Conquer

Its been some time since there was any action taken on the TBC blog. Whether anyone reads them, or if blogging is still a thing now that Tik Tok videos and Twitter feeds are so popular. I guess typing this out is also a way for me to regroup and gather myself to understand my own ways.

With today's world, we have become a society of fear. We are constantly trying to avoid work, fault and ethics. We have become a divided country in the sense that a point of view and nonfactual information is trumped over all. Since when is opinions chosen over facts? We as a country need to come together and stop worrying about the most viewed twerk for money on Tik-Tok and really start focusing on the bigger picture. Like what mask's are doing to our youth in schools and their social life. Why our President cares so little for the well being of this country and why congress isn't stepping in and removing someone like him for his lack of efforts and behavior? Now I don't wish to get political in this post, but its the real life situations such as these that need to take presence in all of us.

The way I have seen it is simple. Divide and conquer. Move on for you. Do not follow as a sheep would. You must start your own journey and path as a wolf does because, the way this shit's going, were all doomed. Its going to take numerous, hundreds, thousands, millions of thirsty Americans to make the change and start doing what is best for themselves and their people whom surround there every day life. Social media as much as its used for good, is the ultimate source for bad. People please learn to live your life on your own terms and standards. The world was a much better place with peace, handshakes, happy news, and local markets where a kid could take an apple from the basket and not get reported for theft and recorded.

I choose different in myself, my choices and my products. I may not make more than beard company B, but every product I sell to a customer, a follower or a friend, I know its the very best out of me and that I worked hard to create the product, the designs, the ads and the outcome. I am me. I am divided to face an end goal. Success... Thats a fact.