About The Bearded Man

Greetings, fellow Michiganders and friends from near and far! I am The Bearded Craftsman US, and I specialize in creating top-tier vinyl decals and niche designs that spark the imagination.

My journey began in 2009, delving into the world of snowmobiling, where I championed athletes seeking a platform for their talents. This passion evolved over the years into Pure Diesel Michigan, a dynamic marketing venture highlighting diesel shops, services, and performance innovations.

In 2016, I ventured into The Bearded Craftsman US, a haven for those who appreciate premium vinyl stickers, custom brand apparel, exquisite beard grooming products, and motorcycle culture inspired by our beloved state.

Fueled by a pursuit of excellence, I've envisioned to redefine beard grooming, crafting products of unparalleled quality that I proudly wear and endorse. More than just a business, my vision is to cultivate a community where authenticity is always shown proudly. Customers can trust in the integrity of our products, free from flashy marketing tactics and trapping gimmicks.

I invite you to embark on this exciting journey with me, where craftsmanship meets camaraderie, and each interaction is infused with passion and authenticity. Here's to building meaningful connections, creating exceptional products, and embracing the joy of discovery together. Cheers to new adventures ahead!

-Nick Pilibosian -TBC