About the Creator

Hello Fella Michiganders and Out of State Followers! I am The Bearded Craftsman US. I am able to create just about any vinyl decal you can think up. I have been fortunate to learn and grow from some of the best graphic design software's and equipment to ensure your decal or design is at its top in quality.
I began this journey back in 2009. I started a snowmobiling company that helped promote athletes who didn't have the means to market themselves on a bigger scale. After 10 years of success, meeting a ton of new people, friends and followers,  I started a Diesel company called Pure Diesel Michigan, which is a marketing based company, introducing members to diesel shops, Services and Performance niche products to the consumers.
In 2016 I enjoyed creating so much, I started The Bearded Craftsman US, where we specialize in high quality, high detailed vinyl stickers, custom apparel and embroidery, premium beard grooming & skin products, as well as vintage/antiques from our great state.
I wanted to create beard products that were truly based on quality. I wanted a product that I was not only proud of wearing and representing myself, but to ensure others were using it with the same outcome. A product line that wouldn't break the bank for customers, and where the product alone was enough to prove itself without the creation of false advertising. 
I appreciate you joining me on this journey. I'm here to have fun and meet great people like myself. Cheers!