Whats happening to 2020?

Whats happening to 2020?

As I'm sure all who have social media platforms and TV's see the hardship and difficult times all Americans are facing in 2020. Where we thought 2020 was going to be "The Year" the perfect goal for a lot of us. In reality the year so far in these short 6 months have been everything but perfect. Battling a pandemic, battling a breaking economy because of it, frustrations, fear and stress is tripled on everyone effected by the percussion. If we weren't having enough fun, throw in high unemployment and the recent battle regarding race. Here is my two cents on everything that has happened.

This pandemic because of COVID19 is a time period we will never forget? Or will we... We as Americans live in the moment, what I mean is when there is an event that strikes us all hard, we find the strength to bond together, to become united in the strongest methods possible. Take 9/11 for example. The unity as a Country we showed was simply indescribable. Now almost 20 years are we as united? I don't think so. I feel the media, the social marketing of news has created tremendous controversy to our Country, States and towns, right down to every day life. I feel we are being tested. We are being tested by God and being tested by ourselves. The moment when we forgot just what it was like to be treated the right way and reflect that onto others. When growing up, the only issue on playgrounds and packs of friends wasn't color or ethnicity, it was who could kick the ball furthest or how good they were at throwing snowballs. We are brainwashed to think color is what makes us different. In reality, color is what makes us all unique, but in simplicity, we all have a heart, we all have a soul, and we all have a brain. We care, we cry, we laugh and we love. 

We choose to see different, we choose to act different. In reality we create our own demons and our own spectrum to what is right and wrong. We are all wrong. Everyday we are wrong walking out into the world and thinking you are above others. What i have seen in this time of protest is a different type of unity, although good in some areas, we are taking what is told and turning it into bad once again. The demons always win.Letting ourselves and the better of us go silent. Love is by far stronger then hate.

That being said, I respect all law enforcement, fire, and ems. They all took an oath to protect and defend the American people. What I despise is individuals in those professions who abuse and take advantage of the system and power. There is no difference from someone say a hockey team goes out and parties one night before a big game, the rest of the team follows the rules, stays in and gets prepared for the game. Come game day that player is tired, hungover and worthless to the team. He lets 3 goals get past him which causes the whole team to lose the game. Now because of that single players actions the whole team suffers. This does not mean the whole team are bad players, unskilled and didn't do their very best playing that day. One bad player needs to have the responsibility taken off their own shoulders. step up, be disciplined or removed from the team to allow less to suffer.

We are people. One Love, One Pride. Live life to the fullest. Hug people, enjoy laughter, enjoy connections and friendship. Shake a hand, help out a vet or elderly person. Community service, volunteer and most importantly...RESPECT.

All lives matter. Cheers