Premium Beard & Skin Care Products

Having a beard myself, i wanted the best for not only my beard but for my skin as well. I was tired of trying out different balms and oils and either ended up being to oily or way to smelly to bare. I created a series of scents that are subtle but recognizable. I then made sure every ingredient was good for your skin and allowed for your beard to grow and become enriched with vitamins and oils to grow and become strong.

I went on and did the same for the ladies with the Body Butter lotion and Bar soaps. Creating scents just scented enough where its not over powering and introduced it to a lotion that keeps your skin soft and hydrated and the bar soap allows you two wash with all natural ingredients infused with a grit thats sure to get those tough to reach places super clean. If you have a scent you would like for us to create, we would love some feedback.