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Feature: Introducing The Bearded Craftsman Premium beard oil. Keep your beard looking healthy and properly groomed. These premium oils contain 100% natural carrier oils, and premium essential oils. Healthy skin equals a healthy beard.  beard oils do contain sweet almond oil. Keep your beard looking healthy, soft and itch free. . 

Oil Options & Instructions: Premium 2oz tins gives you the most bang for your beard. How To Use Beard Balm: Put a dime sized amount on the palm of your hand (again, more if you are at wizard status), rub it from the tips of your beard down to the skin on your face. Make sure you get it on your skin to keep it moisturized.

Rivers Birch: Releasing Spring of 2024, a beard scent so precise it’s guaranteed to take you on an adventure. A visualization scent of UP birch trees standing tall beside a calm flowing river. Brisket spring dewy air covered by a scent of cinnamon colored birch leaves surely leaving your beard to smell amazing. 

Two Stroke, No Joke: The ONLY BALM OUT that smells of sweet morning two stroke exhaust, similarity to Klotz. A one of a kind smell of premixed horsepower, adrenaline and fire. The perfect blend of two stroke exhaust that's enough to keep your fix, and attracts the most special of ladies.

Wicked Whiskey: Sweet, Southern delight, giving you a perfect blend of Tennessee whiskey and sweet southern caramel. The "go out on the town" scent guaranteed to make an impression at any occasion.

Bearded Bay: Invigorating and rugged with a hint of spice. This original smell was founded in St. Thomas and other West Indian Islands, it was made from rum and the berries of the West Indian Bay Trees. A smooth, refreshing yet adventurous scent. The perfect smell for the beach.

The Great Beards-Man: We know what you're thinking. Sweaty lumberman after chopping down a tree? WRONG! A perfect blend of Balsam Fir and Orange Zest, turns the manliness odor into the perfect scent. Throw on some of this beard balm and smell like you've been bathing in pine needles and citrus fruits all day.

The Open Road: As a fellow bearded biker myself, my beard always feels dry and wild after a ride. So we created a scent that not only makes your beard smell great, but helps protect your beard in all the elements. A perfect mixture between fresh air, sweet smelling fruits and mint, a scent to make any long day of riding refreshing.

The Jack Pine: Discovered while doing, The Jack Pine is the perfect scent for fall and winter activities. Created from the crackling pops of burning pine and crisp fall air, The Jack Pine is a scent of the perfect bonfire smell, mixed with a slight aroma of molasses. The perfect combination to give you that warm cozy fire feeling on the coziest of nights.

The Ole Flap Jack: Founded at Breakfast, The Ole Flap Jack is a combination of Sunday's syrup on a stack of pancakes and Sweet Nutty undertones. Its the dessert for your beard. Just enough aroma where it attracts the typical sweet tooth.

Gentleman’s Touch: The most versatile and proper scent we offer. A mixture of basil & fruits, along with sandalwood & cashmere. A perfect touch for a first date, massive pitch at the office, or day trip downtown to your favorite whiskey bar.

The All American: The heart of our country. Patriotism at its finest, throw in a little summer fun in the sun and you my friend have a beard scent to perfection. A sweet fruity aroma mixed in with apricots and local honey. The All American is the perfect scent for out on the boat, enjoying a cold pop on the beach, or walking the boardwalk. 

The Peacemaker: The Peacemaker as definition, A tobacco pipe traditionally offered and smoked as a token of peace among some North American Indian peoples. We all need a little peace making in this Country. So we thought, what the hell. Lets reintroduce it. A combination of freshly cut tobacco leaves, mixed with our lands fresh air and aromas. A sweeter, yet elegant & relaxed scent for everyday use. 

Notice: All scents were created in the effort to give you a perfect subtle smell that wasn't over powering, a texture that wasn't greasy and a combination of quality ingredients that wasn't harmful to you or your beard. Don't forget to pick up one of our beard balms as well.

Allergies: This product contains Tree Nut Oils, and Natural Botanical Allergy Sufferers Test Before Use.

Ingredients: 9 nutrient rich oils to promote hair growth and benefit skin and hair. Virgin Argan Oil, Pure Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hemp-seed Oil, Grape-seed Oil. Scented With Premium Grade Essential Oils.